The Safe Paws Passenger Seat Pet Restraint has been designed having evaluated other similar products on the market and realizing that although they did thew job each of them had some limitations, which we believe our design has addressed.

  • Easy To Use: Attach to any vehicle passenger seat belt in seconds, Simply wrap it around the horizontal section of seat belt webbing. 
  • Light Weight: When the passenger is using the seat they will not even notice that the restraint is the item attached to the seat belt, allowing the restraint to remain attached to the seat belt even when not in use.
  • Allows Pet Movement Yet Still Safely Restrained: As restraint is wrapped (cuffed) around the seat belt webbing, this allows the restraint to freely slide along the length of the webbing. This allows the dog to move freely in the seat, whether they choose to sit, stand, lay or even look out the window whilst remaining safely restrained in the event of sudden unexpected vehicle movement, braking or at worse collision.