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Have you heard about Pet Sitting?

Whats Pet Sitting ?

"In-home pet care for unique FREE home stays around the world"
( just love, care for & adore the pets as if they were your own family )

Here is a quick SafePaws Pet Sitting Quiz to see if Pet Sitting is for you.

SafePaws Pet Sitting Quiz:

Q.1 Do you love pets and caring for them. When I say love i mean really love them where you would treat them as if they are a member of your family can care for them accordingly. ?

Q2. Do you have experience looking after pets, your own and possibly other peoples as well. Once again !!! genuinely caring for them as if they are a member of your family. ?

Q3. Do you enjoy visiting new locations, whether it be within your own state, interstate or overseas ?

Q4. Does the idea of living like a local when you travel interstate or overseas rather than a tourist appeal to you ( allowing you to have a fully immersive experience as if you were a local rather than a visiting tourist ) appeal to you ?

Q5. Does the idea of being provided FREE accommodation in the homes of the pets you're caring for in return for keeping them safe and cared for ( showing them with the love, attention and concern they truely deserve ) just as if they were a member of your family appeal to you ? 

Q6. Have you ever thought about relocating to another location domestically or internationally but you're concerned about doing so knowing visiting like a tourist is very different to living their as a local ?

Review Your Answers:
If you answered YES to questions 1-5 at least then Pet Sitting is something you may like to explore and you may like to read my experience below.. 

My Experience:

I first became aware of Pet Sitting on the 5th May 2022.

So I decided to join the International Pet Sitting website ( See link below ), i thought what the heck this could be a new experience. So I set about creating my profile given my love of caring for pets and keeping them safe, so much so i designed my SafePaws Seatbelt.  So i applied for several local Pet Sits advertised and then I realised WOW this is not just for Australia its global. Having a strong interest in visiting Italy I decided to apply for a 30 day pet sit located in a rural village between Naples and Rome. This all took place between the 5th and 6th May 2022.

On the 15th May 2022 I found myself standing in Rome Airport having travelled from Australia for my very first 'International Pet Sit.' At the time this 30 day sit was the only sit i have secured so once i arrived i started applying for other sits across Italy, Europe & UK. To my amazement and excitement future sits started to be approved. ranging in duration from 30 days down to 3 days. I have been able to pet sit across Europe and the UK and my last sit ends in Brussels mid October 2022, 5 months to the day I arrived arrived at Rome Airport. I was able to secure Back to Back pet sits that allowed me to live like a local in major cities of Italy, Belgium, UK, Luxembourg, Germany a total of 150 nights ACCOMMODATION FREE apart from 3 nights.

Want To Learn More ? 

Click HERE TO LEARN MORE and be redirected to the Pet Sitting Platform I use. The link you offer you a 25% discount on the forsy years membership. ( The site is FREE to join and search, you only pay the annual membership when you decide to submit your first pet sitting application. )